A company that values family.

The first Dandy Diner restaurant in Germany was opened in 2016 in Berlin, founded by the infamous Dandy Diary fashion bloggers Carl Jakob Haupt and David Kurt Karl Roth. It was there ambitious mission to create the first Vegan Fast Food Chain. And well, they believed in their vision - and made it!

Since then, Dandy Diner has endeavored to endear itself to the Vegan communities and locals in every area where it operates by offering quality great-tasting food and friendly customer service with a warm and homey ambiance. Dandy Diner is offering products that are well-loved by its customers like the all-time favorite Cheeseburger - served with our own special burger dressing - and crunchy fries and tasty Hot Dogs are offered in a bright and familiar American style environment.

To date, Dandy Diner has 18 locations across Europe: mostly in Germany and some stores in the Netherlands, Swizerland, Belgium, UK, Scotland and Poland. It is this commitment to serve value for money and quality food, friendly and efficient service, and a clean in-store environment, plus the universal appeal of the family values that the brand represents that drive our growth.

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