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Ready to experience happiness? Belong to Dandy Diner.

Applying for a job in Dandy Diner

In Dandy Diner, you belong.

From its humble beginnings as a small bar parlor along the streets of Neukölln, Berlin to being One of Europe’s Top Fast Food Chains, Dandy Diner has truly become part of every Germany’s lives. Our company has been committed to spreading the joy of family by serving superior tasting food here and abroad. Our core values have driven us to deliver business results, bringing our organization to where it is now and eventually, to its vision.

As a huge organization that continues to grow at an exponential rate, Dandy Diner offers a wide range of career opportunities in Main Office and Store Operations for fresh graduates and experienced professionals.

What to do?


If you want to belong to the growing Dandy Diner family, begin your journey by taking the following steps:


Submit your profile

Send your most recent resume or curriculum vitae (CV) in our career site via email (feedback@dandydiner.de). We highly encourage you to attach a cover letter for us to know the specific job you are applying for as well as a snapshot of your qualifications and credentials.


What to expect?

Once shortlisted, you will be invited to undergo the following:



As part of the minimum requirements, series of exams will be administered that will assess your cognitive skills, behavioral and personality traits.


Initial Interview

To get to know more about you, particularly what you can bring to our organization and how we can help you achieve your personal and professional goals, you will be interviewed by our recruitment representative.


Final Interview

After passing the initial screening, you will undergo interview with the Unit or Department Manager. This can be done one on one or by a panel.


Depending on the unit you are applying for, you may also be interviewed by the Division Head.


Job Offer and Pre-employment Requirements

Congratulations! You are just two steps away from joining Dandy Diner. Our company representative will discuss to you in detail our Total Compensation package. Once you have accepted our Job Offer, you will be required to submit your pre-employment requirements.  A checklist with description will be provided for your guidance in completing your requirements.


We look forward to your application and belong to one of the Germany’s Best Employers!