Joining the Dandy Diner Group is a winning investment. Through the years, we have developed into a company with the image that prizes customers above anything else. This is due to the fact that we are always up to date with current consumer trends, keeping a keen eye to what our customers are looking for.

We constantly introduce new products, we keep in touch with our customers through various programs and promotion and we develop marketing campaigns that touch our customers’ sentiments.

At present, there are more than 18 Dandy Diner stores worldwide and more than half of these are operated by franchisees. However, demand does not wane and opportunities still abound in various markets both domestic and international.

We at Dandy Diner have always envisioned the company to become the dominant fast food chain in all the territories (specially the Vegan market) we operate in. This vision is the compass that guides us in carrying out our three B’s: Boost the standards of the fast food industry, Build brand satisfactions; and Broaden our reach to customers.

While our achievements and all positive reports in the press already say a mouthful about us, the true test of success is how well we are loved by our consumers. Customer satisfaction has always been key to our success. Never losing sight of our goals, in Germany, Dandy Diner has grown to be one of the most recognized and highly preferred brands. We are now one of the market leader among fast food chains. Furthermore, Dandy Diner is expanding market coverage with the vision to be a truly global brand.

We would be more than happy to give you more informations regarding our franchising program: What are the qualifications of a Dandy Diner franchisee? How much is the investment required for a Dandy Diner restaurant? How much is the return on investment? What is the required lot size or floor area? etc.


Have a Slice of Our Success.

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